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Programme Name Change

Following the General Pharmaceutical Council's recent announcement, going forward the Pre-registration Training Year will be known as the Foundation Training Year (FTY). Pre-registration trainees will be known as trainee pharmacists and tutors will be known as designated supervisors. The changes will be enacted from July 2021, however, the terms Pre-registration Training Year and Foundation Training Year may be used interchangeably for the foreseeable future.

Regardless of the terminology used, you can be assured that all training places available via the National Recruitment Scheme have been approved by the GPhC to provide an accredited training programme.

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Welcome to the NES Foundation Training Year (FTY) (formerly PRPS) Training Provider Information Site

Here you will be able to search for Training Providers and decide who to make contact with. It is important to remember that successful recruitment into the Foundation Training Year is dependent on matching with a Training Provider. As part of the selection process, applicants are required to submit a Preference List of Training Providers that they are interested in completing their training with.

Training Providers are given two options –

Option A – to submit a preference list – in this case it is extremely important that Training Providers get to know you prior to the selection process and it is the responsibility of the candidates to make contact with Training Providers at their earliest opportunity to increase their chance of being included on a Preference List. You should endeavour to contact all of your preferred Training Providers to discuss the opportunities for vacational or part-time employment with them, or, at the very least, to arrange to contact/visit the pharmacy and discuss FTY with them.

Option B – not to submit a preference list – in this case it is possible for the Training Provider to be matched with any appointable candidates who have added the Training Provider to their preference list. It is not a requirement to contact Training Providers who are not submitting a list, however, we strongly encourage candidates to do so in order to find out more about the opportunities available if you wish to preference a Training Provider in this category.

During the visitation period you must adhere to the government social distancing and travel restrictions for your region due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Searching for a Training Provider

In the section on the left you can search for Training Providers by Employer Type, Region, and check if the Training Provider can provide a Certificate of Sponsorship for a Skilled Worker visa. You can also search by a Training Provider's name if this is known to you.

By clicking on a Trainer Provider's name in the search list you will be able to view the Training Provider's Information Statement including their contact details and post information. Each Training Provider Information Statement also states if a Training Provider will be submitting a list of preferred candidates or not.

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